Hueva is located in the region of the Alcarria Baja in the southwest of Guadalajara province, resting 844 meters above sea level. Its terrain consists of hills worn down by the erosion of their limestone, the predominant class of rock formation south of the city. As regards vegetation, Holm Oaks and scrub abound, with hawthorn, lavender, rosemary,  and rockrose, although it is not uncommon for one to also find groves of pines, oaks and poplars.

Local fauna includes abundant wild boar and deer, though one can also spot foxes, badgers and squirrels, and birds, such as eagles, vultures, cranes, storks etc.

Also worthy of note are the vestiges of rural architecture which can be found throughout the countryside, including timeworn tinado structures and huts used by shepherds to shelter their flocks.

As a result of the area’s prevalent limestone, erosion has been carving out the terrain for years, yielding a local sima measuring 50 m long, 25 m wide and 20 m deep. The spot where one finds this phenomenon is popularly known as Los Hoyos, near which it is common to find fragments of crystallized gypsum.

As already mentioned above, Hueva’s terrain is gentle, such that hiking in it something that everyone can enjoy.