While staying at El Horno de Leopoldo one can enjoy a range of activities, some of which are available year round, while some are seasonal. We will soon have a complete list of activities but we can already cite the following:

  1. Different activities in the garden.
  2. Collecting berries, blackberries, and acorns, or fruits and nuts like walnuts, almonds, quince, apples, pears, figs, cherries, etc.
  3. Recognition of different plants and trees.
  4. Hiking paths.
  5. Collecting honey.
  6. Participating in livestock-related activities like feeding the animals or helping in the milking room.
  7. Spotting wild boars, roe deer, vultures, etc.
  8. Visiting other interesting towns, such as Pastrana or Zorita de los Canes.

This list represents only some suggestions, and we are open to more from our guests.

The activities organized will be announced far enough in advance so that those of our guests interested in taking part will have time to sign up.
Some of these activities will be free, while others may be at an additional cost. A minimum number of participants will be required for their organization.
Information in this regard will be provided in this section